Nagisa and Rin’s Day Off


~not a polished translation because not a real translator~

Part 1: After watching a movie

Nagisa: Ah~ That was so fun! I’ve always wanted to watch it. “Searching for Wan (woof? the sound a dog makes?)” Haru-chan and Mako-chan already saw it and Rei-chan said- *imitates Rei* Something like that I don’t understand, I won’t watch it!
Nagisa: -and all my classmates have club activities and part-time jobs. I’m so glad Rin-chan could come!
Rin: Man, why did I have to watch this nonsense movie with you?
Nagisa: Hey! Wasn’t it a good movie?! …Ah! Furthermore, I saw it, ne? When I looked during the movie, Rin-chan was crying!
Rin: I wasn’t!
Nagisa: You don’t have to hide it! Even before, Rin-chan has always been a crybaby, right?
Rin: Shut up! Being called “crybaby”, I don’t want to be called like that by you of all people! Anyway, (something about Rin’s face orz)
*Rin wrestles Nagisa and what the hell do you call that when you press your knuckle on someone’s head*
Nagisa: Ouch! Ouch! My head’s gonna- I give up! I give up! Rin-chan~ So cruel! Even though we’ve come out to play after a long time!
Rin: If you say useless things like that, it’s bad.
*Nagisa’s stomach grumbles*
Nagisa: Ah, I’m hungry. Rin-chan, let’s eat!
Rin: Eh… You… In the movie house, didn’t you eat a mountain of popcorn and some hot dogs?
Nagisa: Well, that was just for the movie, wasn’t it?
Rin: What kind of stomach do you have?
Nagisa: Let’s just say I’m a growing boy?
Rin: What growing are you talking about? …*sigh* Fine. Oi Nagisa, wanna go to a Family Restaurant?
Nagisa: Yay! Food! Food!

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levi is the biggest fucking weirdo. like…

  • he’s a fucking insomniac who only sleeps for like 2-3 hours. in a chair. wtf?
  • the dude can’t get drunk (i feel really bad for him srsly)
  • he showers in 3 minutes. wow. calm the fuck down, man.
  • the whole cleaning thing. i don’t… need to continue with this.
  • i was going to include that he hates/fears mold, but then i thought about it and i hate/fear mold, too.
  • poop jokes (that don’t sound like jokes)
  • his head is entirely too large for his body
  • A+ battle skills; flirtation skills 1/10 at best
  • talks a lot - makes no sense - needs to be translated by hanji
  • his childhood tea trauma has gone too far
  • image
  • levi stop no
  • what a nerd


What show is that gif from? The one where the boy says "Blow your nose before saying your line!"


(honestly i’m amazed that you follow me yet you don’t know what haikyuu is omg)

Don’t you future fish me
— me at the end of every episode while still crying (via swimmingeternally)


what if your OTP were your neighbours

At a Zodiac Sleepover, the Signs are…


Aries- pranking an unsuspecting victim

Taurus- making a fort to sleep in

Gemini- trying to stay up all night

Cancer- making the snacks

Leo- telling everyone a funny story

Virgo- talking about crushes

Libra- swapping health/beauty tips

Scorpio- trying to scare the crap out of their friends

Sagittarius- starting a game of man hunt

Capricorn- bugging you for your wifi password

Aquarius- pulling out the ouiji board

Pisces-falling asleep first




i need this hella self indulgent AU in my life sob

 Nishinoya + Wet Hair (◡‿◡✿).

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1. Classic films or Classic literature? 

2. Favorite book and why?

3. Glasses as fashion yes or no? (As in people who wear glasses but don’t need to because it’s “fashionable”)

4. Last time you wanted to punch someone in the face?

5. Battle of the Shotas: who would win?

6. You can travel anywhere in the world but once you return home you can never go back to that place. Where do you pick? 

7. Favorite badass lady (real or fictional)?

8. Video Game Destinations — where would you travel (can’t be a real place)?

9. What time do you go to bed?

10. Google or Bing?

11. Where is your favorite place to watch the sky?


lol Kaneki, how’s that “change this world” goal going

about as good as Eren’s “kill all the titans” goal?

It’s the Grand King! And Seijou’s ace!

i saw a sprite edit and i!!!??!!? yeah


i saw a sprite edit and i!!!??!!? yeah




here they are lurking in a shadowy corner
(print available)


here they are lurking in a shadowy corner

(print available)